At Ironclad, we are committed to building strategic partnerships with our clients. Working in collaboration with our clients allows for stability, certainty and the ability to capitalize on unique opportunities in the market. We specialize in value creation for our clients and work together to find the most cost-effective way to meet project needs and unforeseen challenges.


At Ironclad there are no simple projects. Every job is unique and requires in-depth planning and organization in order to deliver a quality project on schedule. Our team at Ironclad is known for developing creative solutions for some of the most complex issues our clients face even before design work begins and again during the execution phase.


Whatever a particular project calls for, Ironclad has the skills and experience needed to deliver. Behind every Ironclad project, you can find a team of experienced individuals who engage in rigorous project management and planning to deliver your project. We ensure the schedule is not compromised and that the scope of work is delivered on time and on budget.


Ironclad is an industry leader in earthworks construction. To date, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects such as commercial and industrial earthworks, building excavation, mass excavations, storm ponds, access roads and environmental reclamation. Our team is capable of handling projects of all size and scope and we always deliver as promised.

Commercial / Industrial / Residential Earthworks:
(Ex. Common Excavation, Bulk Earthmoving, Site Preparation & Grading, Compaction, Tree Clearing & Topsoil Stripping)

Commercial / Industrial Buildings:
(Ex. Common Excavation, Detailed Excavation, Site Grading, Trenching & Backfill, Aggregates, etc.)

Storm Water Management Facilities:
(Ex. Pond Construction, Culverts, Rip Rap, Silt Fencing and Sedimentation Control)

Landfill Construction:
(Ex. Common Excavation, Hauling and Compaction of Sideslopes, Berms and Ditches)

Gravel Pit Construction and Reclamation:
(Ex. Topsoil Stripping, Removal of Overburden, Excavation of Gravel, Washed Rock, Rip Rap and Sand)

Environmental Services:
(Ex. Excavation & Segregation, Site Reclamation, Off-Site Disposal, Soil Screening & Clean Backfill Supply)


Ironclad builds its success around hiring good people. We seek to employ and work with individuals who have the right experience and attitude to handle even the toughest of jobs. We provide a work environment unlike that of any competitor and our company culture is unbeatable - just ask anyone who works for Ironclad.

Do you have career goals? We listen to our employee's goals and find ways to help them succeed too - we understand that your success is our success. We encourage our employees to share their career goals with management so we can work with you to ensure you are on the right path.

Ironclad is constantly looking to add the right people to our team. If you are looking for a career change and fresh start you have come to the right place - please submit a resume.


Downtime on projects is costly for all parties. Our modern equipment fleet and comprehensive preventative maintenance program ensures we minimize downtime on all projects. We maintain a full fleet of equipment including excavators, dozers, loaders, graders, articulating dump trucks, compaction equipment and gravel trucks. In addition, we carry numerous equipment attachments for your more difficult projects.


Ironclad's core business value is safety. We empower every employee with the responsibility of maintaining safe worksites. Our mandatory safety training is extensive and leads to measurable results. Ironclad strives to continuously improve the safety of all stakeholders. This is evident by our rigorous approach in maintaining the Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Employment. Every year our safety program is comprehensively reviewed and improved with input from all corners of our business.


Our main office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30pm. If your request is urgent, please leave a message and our team will respond shortly.

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